Henry House - Renovation, Trigg

Interior Architecture: Sarah Coghlan | Currently under construction

The developed concept of Henry House centres around the existing form and flow of the room. We were engaged to design the first floor renovation which consists of a kitchen, living, dining, study, powder and storage rooms. With the ceiling raking naturally towards the view, we rotated the new kitchen to open out in this direction to maximise the functionality and connectivity of this half of the floor plate. We flipped the door to the pantry so it forms part of the kitchen and the access to the bathroom sits separately as a part of the sitting room. Functional screening is used with an open shelving unit full of greenery to create some segmentation to the large open floor plate. The existing nooks are all utilised to form part of the action. The study is built into the smaller wall recess and the built in window seat forms a functional and beautiful part of the living room. The clients existing greenery is brought through all of the areas to connect the spaces and flow through to the exterior. The placement of the artwork can become the TV wall in time and the living room furniture can simply be mirrored to suit.

"Thankyou for your work, you've been great! Thankyou Sarah for using your vision to show us the potential of our large barren space #soprofessional #reliabilityrules #interiorvision #youareagem"  ~ Melinda, client of Henry House.